"Let's get into it!"

I want to put a spotlight on what your game offers and I can meet your narrative and marketing strategies with style and impact!

Setting the direction, managing digital shoots and scope; for cinematics, paid and owned media for Brand, Content Marketing and Web-dev support.

I can supply teasers, trailers and sizzles, screenshots, animated key-art and motion-graphics packages that celebrate and educate!

Show Fun
Your Worlds
Crafting Impact
The Fans

Capturing the fun is one of my specialties!

I take a critical approach to capturing new-user and veteran experiences and imparting a style and dynamism that leaves a lasting impression!

Whether it's showing the joy of movement, detailing encounters or highlighting gorgeous landscapes!


Architectural and landscape capture and location blocking. Directing set piece sequences, vignettes and narrative beats with that cinematic verve!

I can produce product focused MTX and PR content for release across multiple media channels.


Capturing and editing 4k 60fps ProRes game footage and leveraging the Adobe Suite to achieve a level of presentation and polish that honors the product and engages the viewer.

Event photography and videography. Studio Livestream set and multi-camera blocking and lighting. Carrying the vision through the production pipeline and working directly with stakeholders and Partners to meet their needs!


As a long-time Gamer and a Creative, I like to take a “fan first” approach to much of the work I do.

Fans like myself want to be taken on a journey through cool moments, emotionality and arcs that resonate on many levels. I bring a theme-focused attention to these details to meet the fast-paced and evolving needs of our market!

Now, let's get into it!